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Most African elite have been aware of the revelations, in 2016 of the Panama Papers compiled by a network of International Investigative Journalists exposing how corrupt leaders and business moguls in advanced economies and third world nations alike milk their people to the detriment of the common good. The world seems to have taken these revelations in its stride and moved on. Those indicted have hardly shown any sense of remorse starting from the poorest African potentate to powerful friends and point men of Russia's Putin.
And now another trove has been recently released under the name Paradise Papers. Yes, more of the same. Who cares? Should any one care?
It is amazing that with the recent revelations in the Paradise Papers some Nigerians have found it appropriate to circulate once again the following summary from the earlier document, the Panama Papers made from an African perspective. From the report on Zuma's South Africa I have been struck by the following:
The story of the Zupta Empire shows how even a country with a professional and independent judiciary and media, parliamentary oversight, political and press freedom; a ruling party that was once headed by Nelson Mandela with a programme of democracy, good governance and justice for all; an industrialised economy, modern urban centres with electricity, water and roads infrastructure, can regress."
We should all be seriously worried by this trend.
Nothing could be more illustrative of Zuma’s view on accountability than this anecdote reported by a former government official concerning his response to questions in parliament:
“He once told me that Putin doesn’t have to account to parliament, so why should he?” Etc! .
If you swap Zuma’s name with Congo's Joseph Kabila or Rwanda's Paul Kagame, the conclusion is the same.
I just wonder why this "African" Report didn't bother to offer any insight into Nigeria's own sorry situation. Perhaps it is such a hopelessly irredeemable case. Is it?


If we are to believe the deranged Charleston Emmanuel AME Church shooter Dylan Roofe, since the advent of slave trade into the New World four centuries ago, the average black male spends all his waking hours dreaming of a sexual encounter with the wives and daughters of his white "owner." They certainly couldn't have been working and planning how to break free, the subject of the many epic tales of rebellion by black slaves. Yes, their brains must be in their loins. The white version of US history resolutely refuses to acknowledge that black slaves, despite centuries of conditioning, would never want to be slaves, actually did want to be free and given half a chance went for it. Unfortunately such narratives whether in Haiti or the Carolinas are not supportive of white ego.
It is against this background that a powerful white male will be a predator with respect to all females within his span of control. For goodness sake why would a Harvey Weinstein, against the run of play, now choose to display a discrimination in taste when the lady in question in the equally delectable and black Lupita Nyong’o? Nobody is fooled. Louisiana and the entire southern US is filled with evidence of the escapades of whites, powerful or not, who couldn't keep their eyes and hands off hot black women. ## [Harvey Weinstein, accused by dozens, specifically disputes Lupita Nyong’o’s harassment claims - The Washington Post] is good,have a look at it!…/harvey-weinstein-accused…/…


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What we were saying a year ago.
Fingers still crossed.
One may ask how does it concern me. The same question could have been posed to the people living far away in Tobruk, Libya (?) in North Africa in the years of the rise to power of Adolph Hitler in Germany before he burst out on ALL his neighbours in 1939. Or indeed the people of the idyllic tropical paradise of Darwin, on the northern shores of far away Australia. The point here is that what you neither know about nor understand can hurt you deeply. For example how does a 25yearold youngman in Ogbunike, farmer, palmwine tapper, who had never been to Asaba, expect to be plucked at the Afor market as a British conscript in the year 1942, only to end up in Burma via Mombassa, Kenya to fight the Japanese, an enemy he had never heard of? This Trump thing is bound to be an illwind for friend and foe alike.
This is 2016 and the world today is much smaller than seven odd decades ago. The impact of modern telecommunications and hypersonic travel and armaments means that no one lives far from anyone else. My fear, which I pray will not come to pass, is that the mistake of the American people today and the many ones that a President Trump, not noted for his good temperament, will make in the days to come will haunt and destabilize the world order. Here I am refering to social, cultural, political and economic relationships.
Without stability on these fronts, we may have only the military option for all global issues. Put Russia and China in the mix and you have a potent brew. India and Pakistan may turn to the worse without a steady American hand to try to maintain a balance. There is so much more at stake than what the typical pu**y-pulling rough-neck thinks or even bothers. It goes far beyond American jobs and welfare.
If we ever needed prayers, it is now.
I fear, no be small!

WHO WILL STAND UP TO BE COUNTED? The standard reaction of Igbo and other Southern Elite:

I chose to keep my head below the parapet."
Definitely it is those who raise their heads above the parapet that get shot at. That's in the nature of any exchange of missiles, stones, arrows, guns or verbal & legal broadsides.
In many circles, lawyers and leaders of thought ruminate over and swear by the exploits of the Prof Yemi Osinbajo led justice ministry of Bola Tinubu's government in Lagos State. How many would boldly follow in those footsteps to test the frontiers of even the limited democratic governance that we pretend to practice? Very few indeed. We are all witnesses. Oh yes, we can mention Olisa Agbakoba, Femi Falana, Mike Ozekhome, etc, but it still doesn't amount to much. Those are individual crusaders. Their intervention is most welcome. However what is needed is for a critical mass of our people, with both financial and intellectual capital, to identify issues that they are passionate about or against and put their money where their mouth is. The Fed Govt Ministry of Justice does not have more money or time than the rest of us. We should be able to brief our own lawyers, tie up contentious issues in the High Court system, and strive to bring up many for determination at the appellate levels all the way to the Supreme Court of Nigeria. As it is the Supreme Court is having an easy ride without a plethora of constitutional determinations being demanded of it. If we are averse to shooting at each other in Boko-Haramland or in the swamps of the Niger Delta, then the judicial system must be stretched to its limits.
Having said the above, I wonder how many lawyers and well endowed lay people alike, will apply as amicus in this suit. We owe it to our grandchildren to be seen to be doing something (positive) to improve their prospects of a better tomorrow. That debt will never go away. ## SUIT AGAINST THE ARABIC INSCRIPTION ON THE ARMY LOGO
RE: SUIT NO :FHC /CS/AWK/115/2017- Nwafili Okwuosa Esq vs. Nigerian Army Council & Attorney General of the Federation.
*The Nigerian Army has its logo which expresses her motto in Arabic.
* This has raised eyebrows in several quarters as to the propriety of that, taking into cognizance that Arabic is neither an indigenous language nor our lingua franca. It is simply the language of the Islamic Religion.
* Nigeria as a country has its grundnorm - the Constitution, written in English Language. It is the same language that is used to transact official businesses within the country by the three arms of government. Same language extends to businesses at International fora to wit- Economic Community of West African States, African Union, United Nations, etc.
Only in moments of expediency, are our three major languages - Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba, deployed.
* The vistas of lingua franca and local languages further poignantly questions the rationale in using Arabic, which is peculiar to the Islamic Faith, on the logo, which logo appears in official documents emanating from the Nigerian Army.
* Viewed from strict legal lenses, this scenario raises the fundamental question as to the constitutionality of the modus operandi adopted by the Army in her use of Arabic; which is a language peculiar to the Islamic Faith.
Is this not in terrorem against Section 10 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) which forbids the adoption of a state religion?
* Nwafili Mark Okwuosa Esq, a private legal practitioner in Onitsha, Anambra State and Human Rights, Constitutional cum Political Rights crusader, challenges the constitutional consistency of this act of the Nigerian Army.
* The Claimant has approached the Federal High Court, Awka Division, Anambra State, vide an Originating Summons, seeking, amongst others:
A declaration that Arabic is not an official language for the conduct of official businesses in Nigeria;
A declaration that the writing of the motto of the Nigerian Army on her logo in Arabic is illegal and unconstitutional, in the light of provision of Section 10 of the Nigerian Constitution 1999 (as amended); and
An Order compelling the Army to rewrite, in English, the motto on her logo and effect same in all her official documents.
* The suit is billed for hearing on 6/12/2017.
Pix 1- Nwafili Okwuosa Esq.
Pix 2 - Chief of Army Staff - T. Y. Buratai.
Pix 3- The controversial Army Logo with Arabic language used in designating its motto.RE: SUIT NO :FHC /CS/AWK/115/2017- Nwafili Okwuosa Esq vs. Nigerian Army Council & Attorney General of the Federation.
*The Nigerian Army has its logo which expresses her motto in Arabic.
* This has raised eyebrows in several quarters as to the propriety of that, taking into cognizance that Arabic is neither an indigenous language nor our lingua franca. It is simply the language of the Islamic Religion.
* Nigeria as a country has its grundnorm - the Constitution, written in English Language. It is the same language that is used to transact official businesses within the country by the three arms of government. Same language extends to businesses at International fora to wit- Economic Community of West African States, African Union, United Nations, etc.
Only in moments of expediency, are our three major languages - Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba, deployed.
* The vistas of lingua franca and local languages further poignantly questions the rationale in using Arabic, which is peculiar to the Islamic Faith, on the logo, which logo appears in official documents emanating from the Nigerian Army.
* Viewed from strict legal lenses, this scenario raises the fundamental question as to the constitutionality of the modus operandi adopted by the Army in her use of Arabic; which is a language peculiar to the Islamic Faith.
Is this not in terrorem against Section 10 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) which forbids the adoption of a state religion?
* Nwafili Mark Okwuosa Esq, a private legal practitioner in Onitsha, Anambra State and Human Rights, Constitutional cum Political Rights crusader, challenges the constitutional consistency of this act of the Nigerian Army.
* The Claimant has approached the Federal High Court, Awka Division, Anambra State, vide an Originating Summons, seeking, amongst others:
A declaration that Arabic is not an official language for the conduct of official businesses in Nigeria;
A declaration that the writing of the motto of the Nigerian Army on her logo in Arabic is illegal and unconstitutional, in the light of provision of Section 10 of the Nigerian Constitution 1999 (as amended); and
An Order compelling the Army to rewrite, in English, the motto on her logo and effect same in all her official documents.
* The suit is billed for hearing on 6/12/2017.
Pix 1- Nwafili Okwuosa Esq.
Pix 2 - Chief of Army Staff - T. Y. Buratai.
Pix 3- The controversial Army Logo with Arabic language used in designating its motto.


A few days ago the Comptroller General of The Nigerian Customs Service, (the man who made a name for himself by refusing to don his official uniform), weighed in on this matter blaming the ousted party, the PDP.
I had briefly wondered if indeed Colonel(Rtd) Hameed Ali was hallucinating. I just couldn't get it. . Finally writer Yakubu Mohammed has provided a reasoned response that we can all live with.
Thank goodness!
By Yakubu Mohammed
02 November 2017
Tongues have not stopped wagging over the Maina mania. The hoopla it generated across the nation has so far refused to die down. The Mania has consequently, almost inevitably, sent the government into panic mode. As part of the fire-fighting measures, the Buharists, the die-hard apostles of President Muhammadu Buhari, have returned to the drawing board in search of what has gone wrong.
Leading the pack is retired Army Colonel Hameed Ali, Comptroller General of Customs. Last week he seemed to have hit the nail on its head, if you permit the use of this cliché. He confirmed the fears of most Nigerians by admitting publicly that the Buhari regime had derailed because it had lost its vision and its core values.
But mercifully, Ali did not go as far as saying it was a hopeless case, which accounts for the absence of the more terrifying adverb – irretrievably! And he did not confirm my worst fears which I expressed in this column last week, which also accounts for the absence of a more cataclysmic portrayal of the current state of despair – it is, after all, not hope betrayed. I had hoped, and it appears a forlorn hope, that President Buhari would not succumb to the chicanery of some of his faithful aides who appeared, through acts of omission or commission, to be aiding and abetting corruption. If he surrendered, it would, in my view, amount to a betrayal of hope and a terrible damage to his hard-earned reputation.
Ali said: “It is my belief that those of us who have been in the trenches all these years to get good governance will surely be sleeping with belly ache every day especially in the recent past. Every day, when you wake up, there is a story that makes you cringe. We cannot sit back and allow things to happen the way they are happening.”
If Ali and other committed Buharists believe that the derailment he lamented about amounted to a lost cause, they would not be re-launching the Buhari Support Group to support not only a return to good governance, transparent leadership, integrity and probity but also to give a solid support to the war against corruption by speedily dealing with pending corruption cases and stopping those in government from dipping their hands into the till and cause more scandals and more embarrassment.
Those with sticky fingers should have no business enlisting in the Army of Buhari faithful to prosecute the war against corruption because, as a matter of habit, they cannot resist the temptation of soiling their hands and possibly rubbing those miserable hands on Buhari’s stainless, white babaringa. And if President Buhari knows them and realises that they in fact mean no well to the success of his administration, he must demonstrate the Buharism in him to speedily excommunicate them from service and get them to cool their feet in jail. That does not run counter to his new faith – the rule of law and the upholding of human rights.
Colonel Ali has given a lie to the notion, widely held, that you cannot look President Buhari in the face and tell him the truth. He has identified what he believes is wrong with the government. He may be wrong in his diagnosis and in his prescriptions, but he has the courage of his convictions to say what he believes to be the truth.
But Ali is not exactly right in some of his diagnoses. He is not right, for instance, to claim that it is the members of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, who, he claims, constitute 50 per cent of the Buhari government that are pulling down the administration. To start with, it is not on record that this is a coalition government of PDP and All Progressives Congress. What Nigerians know and what majority of them did in the 2015 presidential election was that they voted for President Buhari who stood on the platform of APC. He trumped the PDP candidate, the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan.
So what we have is an APC government headed by President Buhari. There appears, in my view, to be no other way to define this government. There must be a limit to the blame game. Ali must accept the cold fact that this one does not fly. If this government fails the people, the President has nobody to blame but himself, not PDP, not his aides and not members of the kitchen cabinet or the so-called cabal.
When in 1979 this country switched over from the Westminster parliamentary system of government, with a prime minster that was first among equals, to the U.S. model of the presidential system, with a president that wields executive powers, the idea was to have a leader that would carry the whole country along whether or not the citizens uniformly voted for him.
Those who voted for him and those who voted against him have equal entitlements and they make equal demands on him. On inauguration day, he morphed into the symbol of national unity, equal opportunities for the people and even development for the country. As President Buhari stated it eloquently at his inauguration, he belongs to nobody and he belongs to everybody. If he succeeds, he carries the glory of his success. But if he fails, he alone goes down in history as the man who betrays the hopes and the confidence of his people. In this business, he makes no excuses, because there is no room for excuses.
Granted that Ali is right and granted that PDP members are in this administration as fifth columnists, the question is: whose fault? The president has the power to hire and to fire and he cannot blame another party for the burden of his own office. It is the duty of the president to pick the right people who share in his vision and who have the nobility of character suitable for his goals and his objectives in power. If he chooses to load his government with people of doubtful character, he creates a monumental problem of credibility for himself and for his administration. He would have also short-changed the people because he preferred the mediocre to the best and the brightest available.
As Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has had occasion to lament, the greatest problem this government has had to confront was getting good and honest people to work with it. Good and honest people, as it always happens, don’t get the chance to serve because they cannot compete with corrupt people who buy their ways into public office. It may be stranger than fiction, but those given the opportunity to head-hunt for government have turned their offices into a toll gate of sorts. And they hawk positions and opportunities to the highest bidders, many of them veterans of corrupt practices.
It is the height of hypocrisy for leaders to pretend not to be aware of the antics of the small men in the corridors of power. We cannot forget that at the inception of the Buhari administration, the wife of the President, Mrs Aisha Buhari, made a public appeal to those privileged to work with her husband not to collect money from those seeking to have appointment to come see her or the President.
Her public appeal was instructive. If this was the practice in the previous administrations, nobody can say today on oath that this practice has been consigned to the dustbin of history; that the fear of Buhari has brought sanity.
The current Maina mania is proof positive that nothing has changed.


(This Memorandum was written May 25th 2017 as my contribution to the Grand Self-mocking Event in Abuja tagged Biafra@50.
I place it, unedited, before the Governors of Southern Nigeria, meeting today in Lagos to examine new ways of persuading the obdurate, arrogant Caliphate North to move dying Nigeria to the Operation Theater for an urgent Restructuring surgery).

The Devil is most successful amongst people who believe that the Devil does not exist.
That is the situation around this debate of whether or not there are Masters and Slaves in the Nigeria of now.
Those who reduce everything to spurious academic arguments and vacuous postulations are at liberty to amuse themselves but there are some of us who already have the monster enslaving Eastern Nigeria in a pinfall and chokehold and there will be no letting until that monster is fully dead and interred, thereby freeing its many Captives starting with Eastern Nigeria.
That monster is called "One-Nigeria".
In the very week of Independence in 1960, as the rest of Nigeria popped champagne, especially in the South, celebrating what they thought freedom from Colonial Suzerainty, the then Premier of the Northern Region, Ahmadu Bello Declared to his lieutenants as follows:
"The new Nation called Nigeria should be the ESTATE of our Great-Grandfather, Uthman Dan Fodio. We must RUTHLESSLY prevent the CHANGE of POWER. We use the Minorities of the North as WILLING-TOOLS and the South as a Conquered Territory and NEVER ALLOW THEM TO RULE OVER US, and never allow them have CONTROL over their future"
(Reported in the Parrot Newspaper of 12th October, 1960),
Those who did not know or understand how both Nigeria and its Eastern Region got to where we are now, should take the quote above as the Oracle, to decipher same.
In reality, Southern Nigeria, on October 1st 1960, merely transited from External British Colonialism to internal Fulani Caliphate Colonialism.
Nigeria, as currently Defined and Configured under the Unitarist 1999 Constitution, is the full implementation of that Ahmadu Bello's 1960 MISSION STATEMENT and BATTLE SCRIPT, thus the Nigeria of today, to all intents and purposes, is the Private Estate of the Political Descendants of Ahmadu Bello.
That Estate was the very one bought by the British Crown from Taubman Goldie's Royal Niger Company in 1900 for the sum of £865,000.
It was the same Estate, that Secretary for the Colonies, Lord Harcourt, through Lugard, bequeated to the well-behaved Northern Youth in the 1914 Annexation of the Southern Lady of Means to the poor North in an exercise tagged Amalgamation. (Harcourt's Cablegram of December 31st, 1913).
It was that 1914 Grand Bequest to the North that Ahmadu Bello was Celebrating with his lieutenants in October 1960.
It is the protection of that Private Estate that has been the central target and theme of ALL the Decrees-turned Constitutions by which Nigeria had been defined and managed from 1966 to date.
Those from the East, especially the Intelligentsia, who claim to be looking for solutions to a problem they do not understand are very much like that doctor who seeks to cure a life-threatening ailment he has not properly diagnosed. The patient will die. It is that simple.
The Master-Servant Nigeria we have in place now, resulted directly from the full execution of that 1960 Mission Statement and Battle Script of Ahmadu Bello and so any reversal of the situation *must* proceed from the correct *diagnosis* flowing from the dissection of the 1960 Battle Script.
The 3.5 Million deaths in the Battlefield called "Biafra" 1967-1970, including the over 2million children who were starved to death, died from the RUTHLESSNESS that was required to PREVENT a change of power.
The WILLING-TOOLS of the Middle-Belt, deployed by the Caliphate, to go and do the bulk of the killings in Biafra included the such yamheads as Yakubu Gowon and Theophylus Danjuma, whose ancestral homes are today occupied and put under the siege of their erstwhile Caliphate Principals and Partners in the crime of Genocide.
The Conquered Territory is the East and West of Southern Nigeria.
From the East, 3 million Barrels of Crude is taken daily and we now know from the Senate who and who, OWN the oil acreages.
From the West, the proceeds from the Lagos Ports which today, sum up in excess of N2Trillion annually, is collected strictly by the Fulani Owners or does anyone here think it is by accident that from Independence to date, not one substantive Comptroller-General of Customs could be found from anywhere else (including Yorubaland) outside the Caliphate-North? The landlord collects his rent and may even dispatch his little Amina of a daughter to do the gate-taking.
The road that runs from the front of Bonny Camp to Eko Hotel is called "Ahmadu Bello Way". Has someone not dipped his Quran into the Atlantic Ocean from the Ilorin where their British Partner-in-Crime met them, back in the day of Jihads?
Let those who wish to learn, find out the when, the how and the who, which together produced the naming of that last piece of tarred firm land abutting the Atlantic after "Ahmadu Bello."
The making between 1966 and 1999, of what we now bandy around as "1999 Constitution" was done by various Decrees issued by the Political Scions of Ahmadu Bello, with every one of them playing exactly within the Role and Status assigned his Territory in the 1960 Battle Script.
The 68-Item Federal Exclusive List that seize and confiscate ALL major Economic Assets and the right to work them, from the actual owners, vesting same in the so-called "Federal Government", are acts of Conquest.
The 36-States/774LGs Structure of Nigeria which effectively reduced the Igbo from the over 70% Control of Nigeria at Independence to the negligible political minority of today, was wrought by the Decrees of the Political Scions of Ahmadu Bello.
Ironsi and Abiola got killed because it was an abomination in the sight of the Caliphate for the Slave to rule over the House of his Master.
Goodluck Jonathan was saved by God after committing the same "sacrilegious" crime and we all saw how he was hounded out by the political descendants of Ahmadu Bello. The Slave must know his place. That seems to be the overall message.
The adamant refusal of the Caliphate hawks of the North to accept the life-or-death prescription of Restructuring for terminally-ill Nigeria, is in keeping with the NEVER ALLOW THEM TO HAVE CONTROL OVER THEIR FUTURE Ahmadu Bello Ordinance of 1960
There are some untrained eyes here who would say "Oh, but was it not Obasanjo that did this and that in the long list of the evils enumerated?.
The answer is that there is the Office of the Head-Slave which takes the scrutiny of the trained eye to distinguish from that of the Master or his Princes.
Obasanjo had been holding that Office and I have had to point this out in public a number times when our confused compatriots who have great book knowledge come pointing towards Otta instead of Sokoto.
They fail to recall that on a certain day in February 1976, shortly after the Butcher of Asaba named Murtala Mohammed, then Head of the Nigerian State, died most deservedly from the hail of hot bullets at the peak of his glory, there was a Lieutenant-Colonel named Shehu Yar'Adua who was promoted Major-General and made Chief of Staff at the Supreme Headquarters and who was, on behalf of the Caliphate, the effective Power behind the Throne in the 1976-1979 interregnum of the Head-Slave, Olusegun Obasanjo.
Today, this moronic jester of a Head-Slave, leads a column of other mockers, including the Husband of a she-Awolowo, (who pretend to hold the rudder of the Nigerian State as Acting President), to go to Shehu Yar'Adua Center in Abuja, to dance on the grave of the 3.5million Biafra Dead, celebrating their unpunished Genocide, 50 years after their crime.
It is atrocious that there are Igbo sons and daughters, promoting this desperate and despicable attempt to publicly bury Biafra, as the resurgent Ghost of Biafra seems to be on a ferocious gyration around Nigeria, tormenting the guilty genocidists (of which Obasanjo is one) and tearing the dying Nigeria at the seams.
I recall that the day this "Abuja" edition of Biafra@50 was first advertised, I raised a red flag where I had suggested that I would not be surprised if Gowon and Danjuma turn up to be the Chief-Celebrants at the Event. Is that alarm not vindicated now?
Regarding the Motives behind this very "Abuja" Biafra@50, I had in support of my red Flag, given the parable of the burning market and the variegated missions of those who rush to the scene, all pretending to be sympathizers and helpers, seeking to put out the fire and salvage goods for the owners. In reality, Some go in to loot vaults and safes; Some go in to Salvage goods for themselves; Some go in to ensure complete raze-down.
From where I stand in the raging Debate over the Nigeria Question, I say without equivocation, that the "Abuja" Biafra@50 Event happening today May 25th 2017, is not a celebration of Biafra as the Organizers dressed it to look.
It is a desperate enemy action, aimed at exorcizing the Ghost of Biafra for final interment.
But I also assure the Abuja Celebrants that the real soul-lifting, forward looking Celebrations are going on amongst the millions of the survivors of that Genocide and that the gathering in Abuja today is also being mocked across the length and breadth of the Lower Niger, as the funeral of the dead Nigeria which they tried to erect on the pool of the blood of 3.5 Million Biafrans.
By the time the dust settles from these two Different Celebrations, Millions of the real Celebrants will join the Great Griot, Chinua Achebe to declare that "THERE WAS A COUNTRY".
+234-810-056-9448 (WhatsApp)
Tony Nnadi


I am so happy that despite my initial rapid draw instincts towards this development, I had patiently waited to hear out other commentators with a more robust public profile. I hasten to add that I distance myself from the expression of gratitude by the leadership of Ohaneze Ndigbo for this new announcement which proves nothing and does not provide closure for the three year civil war that APPARENTLY DID NOT END in 1970. Those in any doubt should ask Buhari. Justice delayed is justice denied.
After the deadly Operation Python Dance with the yet unacknowledged murders by the Nigerian Army, this administration launched a PR assault first with the denounced immunization of Igbo children. Curiously President Buhari has added yet another front by "approving" the payment of the pensions of Biafran police officers who were "pardoned" by the Nigerian (Military) Government for participating in the civil war.
As at January 1967, these police officers, who had evaded being killed in the ethnic cleansing that started on May 29, 1966, were required by government directive to have returned to the Eastern Region. That requirement came from the many agreements between the surviving members of General Ironsi's Supreme Military Council, as they struggled to disengage ever so gingerly in an effort to douse tensions. We all know with the benefit of hindsight that they failed woefully. Hence the war.
Igbo police officers and other Easterners were in Biafra, where they were supposed to be for crying out loud! That was the arrangement. Muhammadu Buhari was probably too junior to have been involved in the negotiations. Hence I still wonder for what crime these Biafran police officers were being "pardonned." Because of this, I would not be surprised if my agemates are rounded up in the fullness of time so that Buhari and his government can dispense pardon on us. Our crime? I was 19years old when the shooting started. I am offering no prize for guessing what my agemates did to pass the time from that first loneshot anonymous at Gakem onwards. I may even pin that "Pardon" to my coat lapel.
One other thing. I recall that the bloody war ended 48years ago. So, what's the hurry? Why not wait another five to ten years to ensure that no Igbo Biafran Police Officer is still alive to claim the socalled pension? Who is kidding who?
Which enterprising surviving Igboman and his children will wait 48years for the deified princes of the Nigerian firmament to invite them back to the table? Buhari & Co., not to mention Obasanjo and others before him, have been tantalizing Ndigbo with this "pardon" for decades. After obtaining the pardon more than ten years ago, these owners of Nigeria went to stage 2, ie tantalizing the "fools" who are still alive, who refused to die, with the probability of actually being paid.
In a culture and society that spawned the likes of Coscharis, Ekene-Dili-Chukwu, Chrome Group, Anabel, SLOT, INNOSON, CUTIX, Task Systems, Fourth Dimension Publishers, NESTOIL, RainOil, OilServe, etc, could a hundred or so Biafran police officers actually have been waiting for their mockers to develop human decency? Of course not. Hence Ndigbo cannot allow a flailing Buhari presidency to snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat by using our geriatric corps of surviving Biafran police officers against us as pawns. God forbid. Ndigbo have always been able to take care of their own, no matter what.
It is instructive that after engineering the "pardon" in 2001, a political gambit at best, former president Obasanjo remained in office for another six years, during which he forgot to apply his almost limitless executive powers in ensuring that these abused Biafra police officers got justice. Before and after his seccond coming, OBJ has been a member of the National Council of State for as long as anyone can remember. . Now an Igbo-hating President Muhammadu Buhari has taken over the charade and has again thrown in the 2ND NIGER BRIDGE for good measure. Haba! This is against the run of play. Again, what's the hurry? What is the origin of this sudden outbreak of love for Ndigbo? Some people have pointed at the 2019 elections. However, I do not find that to be realistic or even convincing. How does a man who is obviously unsure of successfully completing the current term as president, go gunning for a new term eighteen months into the future. With the kind of overt opposition that Buhari is facing from all of us, one would expect that all efforts should be focused towards salvaging this current time in office. I fail to see how the hide and seek surrounding dismissed/retired Biafran Police officers and the 2nd Niger Bridge contributes towards that rescue mission.
President Buhari must take the generality of Ndigbo to be proper mumu. That is quite telling.

My people, have you ever pronounced or stumbled over ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI?

Did you send a letter, (texts and emails didn't exist in his heydays) asking him to simplify or change his name? Of course you didn't.
During my days of adult education at Stanford, a younger American, (most of them were, considering that I had spent time in Biafra, attended Unilag, served in the NYSC, worked at Coca-Cola, gotten married with a daughter Ng to boot), met me in an elevator in the Mitchell Building of the Department of Applied Earth Sciences. He struck up a conversation with me and when I had introduced myself as Oduche Azih, he immediately demanded that I should save him from his misery. "Don't you have a simple name like Peter?" he proposed. I had deadpanned, "No."
Of course that was a lie which I have never regretted to this day. . Seven days after I was born, my parents named me Oduche, short for Odinuche.
Most African names have an exact meaning and often translate into a full sentence or a phrase. Mine meant "he who is/has always been on my mind." Years later I was to find particular satisfaction and attachment to the name because of the character Oduche in Chinua Achebe's ARROW OF GOD.
For completeness I add that when I was a month old, a priest showed up at our local church and baptized me Denis. For those who have followed my story so far, it is clear that my first name in is thus Oduche, whereas Denis can only be my second or middle name. Hence it would have been most unfair for a white young man who gave me his (first) name as say Bill to be given my second name in return. He had to deal with Oduche, period.
It is noteworthy that about two decades down the road, one of my daughters, whom I never briefed on the above narrative, did almost the same thing to a fellow student. Among Ndigbo, and perhaps others, it is said that "the offspring of a snake is bound to be long." .
I rest my bag.


I AM QUITE DEPRESSED that some of my "friends" on the social media have such a limited scope of the many different possible outcomes of the current political turmoil that Nigeria is experiencing. Some of them, knee-jerk opponents of the #Biafran Project or even ordinary #Restructuring, cannot visualize a peaceful modus vivendi going forward. To them, a tepid handshake cannot be tolerated once the current suffocating embrace is spurned. To such to have raised an outcry about the recent immunization debacle in the South-East is akin to treason. I just don't get it. Love so amazing!
Some of these "friends" and wellwishers cannot for once leave Ndigbo to their stupidity. Their overarching desire to save Ndigbo from themselves is quite commendable but is approaching the point of ridiculousness.
Ndigbo have a thousand and one ways to hedge against the hegemonistic inclinations of the muslim Hausa-Fulani north. The approaches that they choose at any particular point in time is entirely up to them. . Only them. Nobody else. Can any sane person shackle the future of Ndigbo and their grandchildren to bread and butter issues like potatoes, peppers and tomatoes? Or perhaps beef and chicken?
LESSON: In the midst of an almost total collapse of US-Russia relationship, a multi-year contract for the supply of advanced Russian single cycle rocket engines still stands. Despite ongoing multi frontal effort by US companies to develop alternatives, some proven, no one seems to be in a hurry to scrap this deal. And this despite the fact that these rockets can be fitted on ICBMs! !
Despite the rhetoric, Russia which makes hardly anything that anyone wants to buy, suddenly finds some product for which both NASA and the private US space industry are ready to pay top dollar, and you want them to walk away from it? Tufiakwa, they could say. Not with the price of oil scrapping the barrel.
Please note that EVEN IF #Biafra comes to be, following these agitations, Ndigbo will continue to trade with their "enemies." People have so much to learn.
Even devil's advocacy has its limits.
As it is some people have wholeheartedly denounced the benefit of the doubt that I have so graciously granted them. (See below.) What more can I say?


It is easy to pick up a serious quarrel with President Muhammadu Buhari over his overt nepotism in restricting the application of World Bank sourced development loans to his own Northern Nigeria. What is strange however is that the President of that finance institution Mr Jim Yong Kim, a US citizen, does not see anything odd about these guidelines issued by Buhari.
Has Kim not been getting any briefings from his Country Representative in Abuja?
Is he completely unaware of the spate of political agitation for equity and justice without which there would be no prospect of peace necessary for the execution of the projects supported by the World Bank?
Has he not read ANY report by Amnesty International about the goings on in Nigeria?
Is his bias an extension of that of the US State Department?
This makes absolutely no sense.
Having said the above, let the truth be told. Northern Nigeria which encompasses Boko-Haramland could do with even double the present flow of development funds. There is a catch however. There is a glaring lack of technical and executive capacity vital for project implementation. A large percentage of the educated elite in that zone belong to the thieving class who will never dirty their hands doing an honest day's work, preferring to pilfer as much as they can from World Bank funds. In addition, with the lack of peace in the land, the number of technocrats from the south ready to risk life and limb up north is fast depleting.
I wish the World Bank President and the north well. I wish the bank could provide even more funds to Buhari and his brothers if only that will quell the restiveness. However the people of Northern Nigeria should not expect Ndigbo/Biafrans or any other nationalities in Southern Nigeria to repay their own loans. As part of the loud demand for political and economic #Restructuring, every nationality should pay its way even in a still united Nigeria. To do otherwise is recipe for further chaos.


The status of an Elder in Igbo culture is a spiritual status. It is not earned by political appointment. Being a Governor or having served as a Governor or a Federal Minister or even a president or legislator will not make someone an Elder in Igboland. When old politicians gather, it does not mean Igbo Elders have gathered. Though a politician can become an Elder, an Elder does not have to be a politician.
The position of an Elder is a spiritual status granted by the Igbo by way of experiential affirmation through the interplay of Igbo cosmology and social engagement with the forces of evil seeking to undermine the Igbo because of their chosen status in God. These forces of evil are always seeking to enslave the people of God and takes pleasure in killing their children. An Igbo Elder stands in opposition to these forces through prayer, contemplation and positive action.
When you are recognized as an Elder in Igboland, it means that the Igbo people believe that though you are alive, you have connections with Igbo forefathers or ancestors in heaven. Infact, as an Igbo elder, it means that you will go to heaven, to be with the ancestors when you die.
An Igbo Elder does not lie, even under gun point. He speaks truth to power and stands for justice at all times. He does not double speak.
An Igbo Elder conducts himself with integrity. He does not come to the public to exchange words with youth or complain to foreigners about his children. He is ready to die for his children because he really loves them. He does not use any of his children to advance personal benefits from enemies.
An Igbo Elder does not just talk, he takes action for the good of his children. He listens to his children because he knows that the future belongs to them. He takes actions to protect them and walks with them in the good path they choose for their future.
Ala Igbo Development Foundation is a gathering of Igbo Elders. When they saw their children being mowed down by killers, they took action. They took the killers to the International Criminal Court to stop the killings and face justice. An Elder does not stay in the house while the she goat delivers in the tethers.
Please, when you see Prof T.U Nwala and leaders of the Ala Igbo Development Foundation, please give them Oji Dike, the Kolanut for the brave. They are the Igbo Elders that we Know!
(c) Josh Amaezechi

Re: I AM A WITNESS: STOP RUMOUR MONGERING by Okey Ifeacho on Facebook.

Thank you very much. I got lost in your narrative. I wasn't sure whether this "truthful" account was yours or that of Rev Fr Chetanna Chukwuneke. On my part I didn't have the full details of the rumours until I read about them above. I agree that an enlightened society should make every effort to prevent and squelch the spread of rumours since the impact could be negative.
However I must distance myself from the statement that "our people have been deprived free medical services by PEOPLE WHO DO NOT LOVE THEM BUT CLAIM THEY DO."
Free medical services of the "military kind" is NOT one of our entitlements flowing from our tenuous citizenship in Nigeria. Our complaints as Ndigbo NEVER included neglect by the military during their regular largesse. The hand that gives is supposed to be on top. We should be offering the northern dominated military help in the area of medicine, not the other way round. And this coming on the heels of a military invasion of the South-East is not only provocative but highly insensitive. If the Army had doctors to spare, it should post them to the north, say Zamfara that has only 23 according to the Hon Minister of Health or perhaps to the Aso Rock Clinic. They may even succeed in grounding Oga-Patapata and prevent another trip abroad.
Going to throw in their lot towards containing the ongoing Monkey Pox virus outbreak should have come naturally to the new, improved, people oriented Nigerian Army Medical Corps.
The seed for these rumours was planted by the army itself by its scorched earth policy in Igboland designed by President Buhari.
One final thing. Rev Fr Chukwuneke should restrict himself to preaching for us to LOVE OUR ENEMIES following Christ's injunction. But to trust them? Haba fada! That one won't work-o!


I understand that the government of Anambra State has asked the command of the (82 Division) Nigerian Army to call off the ongoing medical outreach in the state due to a number of unforeseen(?) developments. Terrible rumours have been flying here and there.
About time!
I have expressed a number of times that I would never be comfortable with President Buhari standing behind (my back) with a kitchen knife, pestle or doctor's syringe. Not to mention tanks or attack aircraft. Zero trust. I have given up all hope that he has it in him to take such steps that could bolster such trust. Not in his DNA.
For the avoidance of doubt the ONLY social responsibility of the Nigerian Army in the South-East is to stay in their barracks, unwelcome, out of sight, with minimal contact with the populace. Like in the days that I grew up in Enugu, they should come out to town, to the markets, etc, incognito, WITHOUT THEIR UNIFORMS, ie in mufti. Even I have serious apprehension in the presence of the Nigerian Army, supposedly my own army. Unfortunately, I have had so many reasons to denounce it, distance myself from it and imagine a better future without it in my neighborhood.
It is only in the unlikely event that Ugandan or Tanzanian paratroopers land in Igboland, that I can approve of the kind of provocative full mobilization that Buhari has visited on Igboland, while Boko-Haram land and Agatuland burn.
I imagine that most sensible people are already writing Buhari's sad epitaph. .

AS I WRITE THIS, AWARD-WINNING WRITER MS MASHA GESSEN is on Democracy Now (WYCC Public Television) being interview over her November 2016 book AUTOCRACY: Rules For Survival.

I recall, that the release of the book barely ten days after the US Presidential election got mixed reactions at a time the losing side had bent over backwards to appear conciliatory. That this posture never paid off in the relationship with Trump is stark illustration of the many Rules that Gessen proposed.
This current interview continues from Gessen's old views and dovetails it with the journey so far these past nine months. It covers fresh grounds, warnings and updates in her new book THE FUTURE IS HISTORY - How Totalitarianism Reclaimed Russia. The prospects are dire.
A snippet: The proof of Russian intervention in the US elections and Trump’s collusion may never meet the standard required for impeachment. It will drag interminably. Moreover the Republican controlled Congress and Senate will never go for his impeachment. The concerted efforts by the various Congressional Committees and the press only serve to distract from confronting the sad fact of the Trump presidency. The normalization becomes entrenched. Regardless of what the Russians are eventually proven to have done, the sad reality is that it is Americans that ELECTED Trump as their president.
Apart from the dark pleasure of dragging the US in the mud, the Kremlin has on its part not gained anything especially in the much ballyhooed area of achieving improved relations with the US government. Gessen warns that following the current trajectory, relations between the two nations are approaching the unthinkable, a diplomatic rupture.
[Autocracy: Rules for Survival | by Masha Gessen | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books] is good,have a look at it!…/trump-election-autocracy-rules-fo…/